Do You Need a Root Canal?

Do You Need a Root Canal?

Could this endodontic procedure be exactly what you need to turn your smile around?root canal

We know that no one really likes the idea of a root canal, but sometimes it’s necessary in order to save a tooth and to protect your smile from permanent damage. From the office of our West Hartford, CT, family dentists, find out when root canal therapy might be necessary for you.

What is a root canal?

When your West Hartford, CT, dentists talk about a root canal they are talking about the dental pulp and the roots of the tooth. The dental pulp is an internal structure that lies inside the tooth, which contains nerves and connective tissue. When the health of the pulp is affected it can lead to pain and sensitivity to heat and cold.

Why does someone need to undergo root canal treatment?

There are several reasons why root canal pain develops. If you have decay that reaches the inside of the tooth this can cause an inflamed dental pulp. You may also need root canal therapy if a traumatic injury has led to a deep crack or chip in the tooth. Lastly, an infection or disease can also infect the dental pulp.

There are many reasons why a dental pulp may need to be removed. If you are experiencing a toothache this is the number one sign that you may need root canal therapy. A toothache is considered a dental emergency that will need to be treated right away to prevent further complications.

What are some signs that you need root canal therapy?

Symptoms can fluctuate from person to person but you may require root canal treatment if:

  • You have severe dental pain when chewing or biting down
  • You have tooth sensitivity to hot or cold that doesn’t go away
  • You have swelling or gum soreness near the affected tooth
  • The tooth starts to darken
  • A pus-filled pimple develops on the gums

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