Don't Let a Lost Tooth Haunt Your Smile

Don't Let a Lost Tooth Haunt Your Smile

How dental implants from your dentist in West Hartford can restore your smiledental implants

If you are haunted by a smile that is less than perfect, with gaps from missing teeth, it’s time to think about getting your smile back! You can restore your smile back to greatness thanks to dental implants! Your dentists at Comprehensive Dental Care in West Hartford, CT want to share the facts about how dental implants can help you and your smile.

Dental implants are the modern, high-tech way to restore your full, beautiful smile. They have benefits and advantages that simply can’t be matched by removable partials or dental bridgework. Dental implants are a better solution because:

  • Unlike partials, you don’t have to remove them for cleaning. You simply brush and floss them along with your natural teeth.
  • Unlike partials, your implants won’t move around. They are firmly embedded in bone and are fixed in place.
  • Unlike bridgework, dental implants are conservative. Your dentist won’t need to prepare any other teeth, just the implant area.
  • Unlike partials and bridgework, dental implants look just like your natural teeth. You and your friends won’t be able to distinguish your implants from your natural teeth.

Dental implants allow you to eat the foods you love, chewing and firmly biting on apples and other hard foods, without worrying about movement or damage. Your new dental implants will also not pick up stains like your natural teeth. This means even if you are a tobacco user or coffee drinker, you can still have a great smile!

Dental implants are also a highly successful procedure, boasting a success rate of over 95 percent, according to the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. They are made of titanium, a body-friendly material that actually fuses with bone, so your body won’t reject the implants.

So, isn’t it time you investigated dental implants for yourself? Don’t let lost teeth haunt your smile. Call your dentists at Comprehensive Dental Care in West Hartford, CT today to get started on dental implants and restore your smile!